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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Story of my Equestrian Blog

The journey started back in October 2012, after my first summer eventing with my then horse Thomas. I’d want to go eventing for a couple of years prior, but unfortunately could make it work, and so bought Thomas in May and enjoyed eventing August to October that year. I was very novice, just sticking at BE90’s, but I very much enjoyed the adventures of eventing that summer.

Winter was here before I knew it, and full of motivation I joined a local riding club and attended a couple of evening showjumping training sessions as well as attending a few area competitions. But I soon found that it was very easy to find an excuse not to ride on a dark, wet and cold winter evening if I didn’t have a competition at the upcoming weekend or a training session to attend. It also felt that I had a lifetime to make the improvements I wanted to before the start of the 2013 eventing season.

Making plans has always been a strength for me, so I wanted to plan my weeks and months in terms of what I wanted to achieve and what I’d need to do to get there. Hence, my equestrian blog was born…

At first I only really focused on competition reports and a few posts about our approaches to training as at this point, I wasn’t even considering sharing my blog with the equestrian world. My husband, Andrew, knew I had started it but I was a little shy to put us “out there”. At the time, blogging was becoming more popular but there weren’t many equestrian bloggers around, and in fact, there weren’t even many high profile riders with big social profiles. To put it in context, Instagram was only six months old when I launched my blog so a world of influencers was almost unheard of!

The core of my equestrian blog was quite naturally created – it was my story, my journey, and my adventures. That’s still mostly true today in that we blog about our progress, competitions, training sessions and even when we discuss broader topics, it’s usually driven by a personal connection to that topic.

I sadly lost Thomas two years after starting my blog, and up until that point, I’d only ever blogged about our dressage or showjumping training or the competitions that we’d been to. But when looking for a new four-legged partner, I looked at lots of resources about young horse training and discovered that there was a lot of resource out there, but very little about personal experience. This was only December 2014 and equestrian blogs still weren’t particularly popular or common.

I thought it would be nice to share my story and journey of training a young horse over the coming years and that others might like to hear about it. Contrary to opinion, I’ve found a super supportive equestrian community on Twitter, after launching a profile for my blog in January 2013. They were supportive when I lost Thomas and in my search for a new equine partner, and I knew they’d be curious as to how we got on.

I blogged all about our adventures together and getting to know each other, but Louie is also a grey, and he almost as such gifted me the opportunity to expand my content into products around keep grey horses clean! The product reviews section of my blog was born to support the training & competition sections that already existed. Today there’s a real mix of equestrian products in there, all of which I genuinely have used, and that’s one of my proudest parts to my blog; staying true to my personal equestrian journey.

In recent years, I’m very proud to have collaborated with a few great equestrian brands, as well as joining two strong brand teams as an Ambassador; Boudica Equestrian & Silvermoor. This year I was also delighted to be welcomed to the Voltaire family as a sponsored rider.

Seven years later, I still always enjoy looking back through my old posts, looking at how much the quality and experience has improved, but also, & especially since I first got Louie, looking at how far we’ve come together on our equestrian journey; it’s very motivating on one of the days that just doesn’t feel like it’s going to plan!

I’m now very proud of my blog, and I always try to put a lot of attention to detail into every element, from the content & images to the supporting social media efforts. My blog continues to share the ups and downs of equestrian lifestyle, with an honest and personal tone that I always hope readers can connect and relate to.

Team Tunnah Equestrian - Story of my blog


  1. I've loved following your journey over the years and hope you carry on sharing it for many more years to come! 😍

    1. Thanks Roosa, that's lovely to know & I plan to keep sharing our stories into the future, for sure!


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