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Monday, 4 May 2020

5 Horse Apps You Need In Your Equestrian Life Right Now

5 Horse Apps You Need to Manage Your Equestria Life

Let's be honest, we all use our phones to help us make more of everyday life, especially at the moment with the Covid-19 restricting our usual equestrian lifestyles. I can't imagine living through a lockdown without the technology we have at our fingertips today - FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, What's App helping us all stay connected, an endless supply of films and TV series through Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, social media platforms to help us escape to our dream oasis, Kindle and books in digital & even audio copies, next day delivery services on pretty much most retailing experiences, and of course the absolute mass of games, puzzles and challenges we can play digitally, either alone, with friends or connect with players from around the globe. Particularly when planning my social posts, I've also spent a lot of time just running back through my camera roll, not to "miss" the experiences before lockdown, but just to enjoy...I also discovered I have 1000's of photos when searching the word 'horse'...

Plan, Track, Analyse & Socialise with these horse apps!

Equilab Equestrian Tracker
Your perfect app companion if you're like me and enjoy setting yourself goals, the Equilab app is the perfect horse companion app for you as it enables you to add almost everything about everyday yard & stable life. You can even create your very own "team" within in it, making sure your vets, farrier, physio, coaches and anyone else can get access to your horse's routine and details. It even has the added feature of being able to track the rides that you do, both out on a hack, but also in the arena. 

It's very easy to set up and get going and can provide you with a massive amount of insight into your schooling and riding, including analysis within the paces, meaning you can simply compare one ride to the next to start feeling your progression steps each ride. Plus you can share it with your friends, so they can see which horse you were riding, what activities & exercise you did and where you went, if it was on a hack.

I mean lockdown has shown me just how many times I can watch live events re-run over & over, even when I know the final results. I must have now watched all of Badminton 2019 cross country at least three times...

The FEI app enables you to watch every equestrian discipline run under FEI regulation, with hundreds of horse shows and events streamed live or available to watch back. Whether you're taking a long soak after a hard day at the yard, down at the gym working on your own fitness, or just taking some Sunday morning downtime, the FEI TV app lets you watch it from any device, where ever you are.

Plus, until the end of June, it's completely free of charge to subscribe! 

You can download the FEI TV app onto your device to start watching right away!

As an extra, the FEI also has an app that lets you look at all of the rules, so as you're watching, if you not quite sure, have a check of the rules. It's a great way to start supporting a new discipline too! 

OS Maps
For anyone who enjoys hacking like me, you'll always be dreaming up your next adventure, wondering where the next path is to explore. And thanks to this nifty little app it's very easy to view all ordnance survey maps in high-resolution you can discover all the bridleways and plan a new route to discover before you set off. If you've got transport, you can also use it to find places away from home to explore from time to time too.

It's not just a plain old map app, no. Instead, it comes with some clever AR features being able to see monuments and landmarks around you, as well as being able to view your planned route in 3D - great for the days you're thinking about doing some hill work! There is also functionality built in that allows you to share routes with other, see other people's routes and download them, so if you're going out of range, you'll still be able to take them with you!

This app also has a built-in GPS tracker to help monitor your exact location and prevent you from getting lost, and if you do wander off the track, you will find it easy to get back on the right one! Depending on the subscription that you want, the price ranges from 69p to £1.99 and can be downloaded onto your phone to take with you.

Eventing Manager
Ever heard of Championship Manager for all the football fanatics out there? Well, this is kind of the equestrian version! 

That's right, you are FINALLY the team manager for eventing competitions from around the world. No more back seat riding as you progress through some of the biggest competitions the sport sees each year. The app updates as the season progresses (not many updates this year then!), and you can take tips on who to select for your team at any given events. It's built by EquiRatings so is based on data and not just on the prettiest horse going through a trot up!

Perfect for during lockdown, you can create leagues with your friends - why not have a yard league, or perhaps a league amongst your eventing friends? See who can put together the perfect dream team! 

As soon as I heard about this app, I got it straight away. Download Eventing Manager to your device now!

Dressage Test Pro
Of course my list was also going to feature a dressage specific app... Dressage Test Pro is a great competition companion! You can buy tests, visualise the tests, run through a group of movements, listen to you and you can even watch the test be played out as you sit back to watch. This app is REALLY great at not just learning a test, but helping you to visualise and experience the ride of the test before you 'Enter at A'... 

With a built in PDF reader and a smile function to flick through your test before it's your turn in the arena, it makes a great tool to have with you in preparation to a competition and during it. Developed in partnership with British Dressage, this app can be used on a pay as you go basis or cancel anytime subscription, so whether you're out every week doing multiple tests, or just need the occasional one, this app cater for us all!

The Dressage Test Pro app is available on iPhone and iPad.


  1. My friend uses Equilab. Do you use the free or paid version? Also, I didn't know about the Eventing Manager app. It sounds like something my teaching colleagues do here in California--Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball. What a fun idea!

    1. I've used the paid in the past, but recently just dropped to free. However, when competitions and usual equestrian life resumes, I can resubscribe to it! It's a great app!

  2. Very cool, thanks for the info on the OS Map... I'll have to try it out!

    1. It's a great way to discover new places to ride around, and I love that you can find tracks and trails that others nearby have shared!


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