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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Giving Something Back During Covid-19 Lockdown

It's becoming a bit of a daily joke in our house that every day the doorbell or letterbox goes, and there's some new little treat(s) that's arrived for me. That's what happens when you do your sneaky online shopping at night after your husband has gone to bed... Andrew has dubbed it 'midnight shopping'! While browsing, I've noticed many equestrian brands & retailers that are now offering to give back to charities, communities and causes when you make a purchase or subscription. Some have introduced these initiatives since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with new products, items and services that you can purchase in light of the current situation, making donations to charities such as NHS Charities Urgent Appeal. But it also highlighted to me just how many brands offer commitments to give back to causes as a standard offering, such as sustainability or raising donations for an equine charity. Don't forget too, most equestrian charities will also offer an online shop where you can purchase merchandise with the profits going towards their fundraising efforts.

So, I thought it would make a good blog post for all those other 'midnight shoppers' amongst us to also be able to splurge on some online retail therapy each night, while also giving something back.
Please note: available to daytime shoppers too!

Somewhere Socks

Recently, coolhorsesocks.co.uk launched their ‘Somewhere’ socks, displaying a rainbow of colours, and offering 100% of profits to go to the NHS Charities Together appeal. I’ve already ordered a pair & can’t wait for them to arrive!

Offering a massive variety of colour, patterns and designs for long riding socks, for both adults & children coming in two sizes - medium (4-7) or large (7-11). All of their socks feature the Coolmax technology in the foot meaning they are breathable, moisture-managing and help to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing in you’re boots. 

Pick a pair up for yourself here.

Dressage Anywhere

Seen a social media post of anyone in full out competition attire using a hobby horse to do a dressage test in a makeshift arena? I know I’ve seen loads of them & each one is for a great cause! 

Dressage Anywhere is running a Hobby Horse class that’s £10 to enter and sees £8 of every entry go to the NHS Charities urgent appeal. All tests are judged and those places rewarded with rosettes, so who will be the Hobby Horse champion!? 

The current classes close on 10th May, but if it continues to prove popular, there could be a chance to run more! Find out the tests available & get your entry in here.

Heart Up Heels Down

Designed by Victoria Bodey, whose items are always full of fun (I can’t wait for my Wonder riding tights to arrive with their sassy leopard print waistband!), she launched a new ‘Heart Up Heels Down’ design, available on vests and jumpers. Both items each donate £5 to the Air Ambulance charities. 

Take a look at them on the Equiboodle range here.


Have you seen the #Horsemates collection from Muddy Mare? It’s a simplistic but stylish design on a range of t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies that’s caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. It’s the dream for #horsemates to become a national fundraising movement to support the RDA. 

Depending on which item you purchase, will depend on the value of the donation, but by making a purchase on the #horsemates collection you can donate in £5 increments between £5 & £20

If you’d like to join in the hashtag, pick your own items and make your donation here

Sprawling & Osborne 

An outdoor clothing & accessories brand with a passion for both fashion & sustainability, and drives at creating beautifully stylish, well-fitting clothing that people can treasure for a long time to come, while also being affordable and created sustainably.

Owner & creator, Tamsin Sprawling, has held fundraisers for the Young Farmers Club for many years, but due to the current pandemic, many of the regular events aren’t able to happen. Instead, Tamsin has pledged to donate 25% of proceeds from every order between 1st March and September to the Wix Young Farmers. The donations are then split evenly across their 2020 chosen three charities, which you can read about here.

Rider Eye

A brilliant idea focused on increasing visibility for riders through a collection of high-viz items, including designs telling others road users riders are wearing cameras. All of their items are also raising money for Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony, with owner Sarah now raising between £40 & £50 per month!

Take a look at the high-viz items available over on their website to make sure you’re bright and seen easily when enjoying a hack out!

'Where there are hooves there is love'

Brought to you by Hooves & Love, with an exclusive design, these lovely ceramic mugs have the printed words in light purple - 'Where there are hooves there is love'. Each mug is £8 with £2.50 going to SAFE (Saving Abandoned and Fly grazing Equines), meaning as you curl up to enjoy a cuppa, you've made a donation for a great equestrian cause.

They make perfect gifts for someone you're missing right now during the lockdown, and each purchase includes a gift box and a small notecard to handwrite your own message.

You can order your own lovely mug from Hooves & Love here

Vitality Hero Bracelets

A beautiful variation on the classic Vitality bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery - a plaited leather bracelet available in navy, black or mulberry. Each bracelet has a magnetic catch with twice the power as any other Vitality bracelet. Not only does the magnetic power use Neodymium & Germanium to boost body and mind, but £5 from every purchase will be donated to NHS Charities.

Find out more about the Vitality Hero bracelet or order one for yourself. 

Relief for dry, cracked hands and brittle nails

Cosmetics company, Barker & Sloane, have pledged to work with NHS Charities Together to make sure that for every one Intense Hand & Nail cream you buy, another will make its way to the NHS frontline to help start repairing their hands from all of the hand sanitising & PPE strain that they're taking at the moment.

The cream helps to protect and repair hands that have been exposed to the elements by moisturising and nourishing the skin in a non-greasy cream. 

Order your cream here to help the NHS restore their hands after a long shift on the frontline.

Silvermoor’s Superb Support

Although usually they are the ones bringing the treats to our four-legged friends, Silvermoor are turning all of our online sales into donations for the NHS Charities Together appeal with a whopping 100% of ALL online sale proceed being donated! 

So whether it’s a few bags of Treatsies or entertainment & fun with a Swinger, if you purchase online and direct, Silvermoor will make the donation! 

Buy your Silvermoor horse treat online here

Posh Muckerz

Fully waterproof coveralls aren't usually high on the expected style list, but Posh Muckerz combine style & practicality to bring a tailored way to keep you clean, dry and warm when around the yard or out in the field. And, it gets even better....

If you buy direct from them, they'll donate 10% from every purchase online to the NHS Charities Together Urgent Appeal.

Take a look at their website to find out more about their coveralls.

TC Leatherwork

Bringing a wide range of bespoke and stylish leatherwork products, including bridles, belts, and now, blue dog collars & leads for your canine friends as part of their canine collections.

For every blue collar or lead purchased online, TC Leatherwork will donate 10% to the NHS, and will offer items that cater for the smallest or largest of our dogs with a stylish and bespoke range. 

Take a look at the products available for dogs here.

Do you have an 'Equestion'?

A downloadable app to improve or update your knowledge & skills, revise for qualifications or simply challenge yourself to be a better equestrian…It is perfect if you’re studying for your BHS, Pony Club or vocational exams as it uses content from BHS & NVQ qualifications, written by experienced qualified instructors to cover all you need to know.

There are different levels of subscriptions available, with Level 1 currently being offered for free during Covid-19, however any additional levels priced at £3.99 will donate £1 to the NHS Charities Appeal for every purchase of a level.

To find out more about the app and what it has to offer, visit the Equestion website.


Harry Hall has set up not one, but THREE great initiatives in support of our frontline key workers. For every purchase you make on selected items online, they will donate 10% to the NHS Charities Together appeal. Plus, they are sending out gifts to nominated heroes working on the frontline, from NHS workers to Teachers, Farmers and Postmen and women, send your nomination for the chance of them winning a gift! And finally, Harry Hall is offering amazing deals for our heroes too with up for £49 off on some of their big must-have items, just look for the hero icon when your shopping online.

You can find out more detail on all three #HarryHallHeroes initiatives here.


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning us. Great blog and fab to hear about all the other great companies doing this. HH xx

    1. You're welcome! Thank YOU for giving back to our frontline heroes who are all amazing! 🙌


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