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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Sterling Essentials Lavender Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

For anyone that knows me, over the last 18 months, I have become pretty obsessed with cleaning my tack after every single use - whether I have a hard session in the arena, go for a gentle stroll, or opt for a lunge session for Louie. I detach my bit, wipe down my bridle, girth, girth straps and saddle with a cleaner & conditioner every time - it takes literally five minutes (so no excuses with time!)

Last week, I received the Sterling Essential leather cleaner and conditioner in lavender fragrance, and I was really excited to see how these products stacked up against my existing everyday product. I'd heard really great things about both products from Laura at Boudica Equestrian - the only UK stockists - & I'd also read up about Sterling Essential's careful development of a pH formula that of leather. 

These products are good for leather - good for its overall health and longevity from that special pH formula. But that's not all, both the cleaner and conditioner smell wonderful - I opted for lavender. And that's because the fragrance comes from essential oils that are added to the formula. It's not only about fragrance though, Sterling Essentials has developed their three options with the prevention of mould & mildew at the front of mind as lavender, eucalyptus and floral all work against these building up. 

Both products are all fully vegetarian and petroleum-free!

So that's all that's gone in. Now let's look at what you can get out of it!

The cleaner comes in a 16 fluid ounce bottle (approx 450ml in the UK) with a trigger spray top and a super handy push-button lock/unlock. All you need is a few sprays onto a clean cloth or sponge, to give your tack a wipe over and leave it clean. I've tended to use three or four sprays initially, then another three as you work your way through. You just need to keep your cloth or sponge damp (not soaked).

I put the spray to a tough challenge right away - my short riding boots that haven't been cleaned for about four weeks!! As you can see, they were thick with grease...

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner

A little sceptical that any spray would be strong enough to wipe through that grease without warm water or any kind of scrubbing, but I soon saw just how great the product was as the grease was gone! In fact, one livery who passed as I was cleaning I used as another example to see if it would take the grease from her boots too. It did, no questions asked, and I think even she was impressed!

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner

By the time I'd worked my way around my saddle, bridle, boots & chaps, the leather was dry and I could begin with the conditioners. Some conditioners I really don't like because they seem to take so much effort to work into the leather. 

Sterling Essential's leather conditioner was not like that at all! I grabbed a different clean sponge and dabbed a small amount on it - that's another great thing, it's not super soft so you can't accidentally get LOADS on your sponge and end up with it everywhere. 

Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

I started by rubbing my girth straps as these tend to be the leather that I feel gets the driest and most brittle of all my tack. I just rubbed down the strap once and the condition transferred from the sponge to the leather and seemed to sink in well too. I did my saddle all over, before doing my boots and bridle, and when I came back to see how it was working into my saddle, I was pleased to find it all absorbed and the leather looked and felt soft and supple. It also left a lovely smell in the stable!

I've been using both of these products ever since, and have put the old product to the back of the cupboard in place of these. 

If you'd like to give Sterling Essential's leather cleaner and leather conditioner, head over to Boudica Equestrian's website to purchase as they are the ONLY UK stockist of these products. 

Remember to use TUNNAH10 when you purchase with Boudica to save 10%!

These products were gifted. 

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